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Q & A with Carol

The 45 minute “question and answer” session is for those who wish to pick the brain of an experienced functional medicine trained nutritionist. Her years of training in whole food nutrition, biologic dentistryand functional and nutritional medicine helps those seeking information.

This session is created for those seeking answers or considering becoming a client. You might be ill, confused with internet information, a health practitioner or dentist looking for answers to help an existing patient. You want to raise your own health awareness and learn more about diet and nutrition.

This session can give you guidance on all the popular diets, supplements, and new health paradigms.  If you suffer from autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities or intolerances, infections, GI conditions, joint pain, mercury toxicity, adrenal problems, you are at the right place!

Forty-five minutes is devoted to questions, answers and learning more about the root causes of disease.

What to expect:

  • Be at a computer so you are available to view additional resources and handouts.
  • General recommendations may be provided.
  • No paperwork, labwork, prep work, patient chart, testing, or follow-up is included in this session.
  • Sessions are conducted via telephone or video.

“Q & A” sessions are simply a time to ask questions and seek clarity.