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If you have a health condition that is not responding to conventional medical treatment and want to try a nutritional approach to treating your disease, my background and training can help you use food as medicine.  Conditions which may improve from nutritional counseling include arthritis, celiac disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, IBS, eating disorders, hormone issues, weight   Read More  >

Q & A with Carol

The 45 minute “question and answer” session is for those who wish to pick the brain of an experienced functional medicine trained nutritionist. Her years of training in whole food nutrition, biologic dentistryand functional and nutritional medicine helps those seeking information. This session is created for those seeking answers or considering becoming a client. You might   Read More  >

Initial Consultation

At your Initial Consultation you will meet with Carol for 90 minutes.  An in-depth nutritional assessment with careful attention paid to your overall health, symptoms, medical history, digestive issues and food sensitivities will be evaluated.  During this consultation, Carol’s goal is to identify triggers which may be contributing to your health. Nutrition counseling is always a   Read More  >

Nutrition Coaching Packages

Virtual coaching packages are how you purchase and schedule services from The Nourishing Place, LLC. Purchase a Q & A session, initial or followup session or a blood chemistry. After your purchase, you will be prompted to schedule  an appointment on the calendar. You can always buy a single session, but 3 or 6 sessions   Read More  >


New Clients inquiring about “Ask Carol” Session– Go to the contact page, and fill out a contact form. Then go to the store and purchase the “Ask Carol” Session.  Carol will contact you once the purchase is received. Introductory Session– Go to the contact page, and fill out a contact form. Then go to the store and purchase   Read More  >