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Break the Sugar Habit

Break the Sugar Habit

Taking small steps to becoming sugarless is the key to achieving and maintaining proper blood sugar metabolism and is essential for a lifetime of health.  Prolonged unhealthy blood sugar metabolism leads to several problems that can affect your nerves, eyes, kidneys, and pancreas.

Obesity, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet are considered major contributors to developing poor blood sugar. When we consume excess sweets, refined or processed foods; the simple sugars they contain are absorbed very quickly and can cause a rapid and dramatic increase in blood sugar levels.  Applying these easy tips, can be easy as 1-2-3; you can ensure by doing this that you will continue to support your body with less sugar

Read the labels

Sugar comes in many forms on food labels.  The FDA has refused to add “Added Sugars” line to the label under “Sugars” section.   The goal is to limit the amount of sugars.  Compare products.

Avoid desserts

Make a decision to eat fewer desserts because they’re typically loaded with sugar. Try a cup of green or herbal chai tea your meal, instead of the added sweet treat or simply try fruit! Remember fruit is full of natural sugars, fiber rich, and is naturally fat free. Fresh apples, kiwi, or berries are a great choice for satisfying your sweet tooth. If your will power fails you while dining out, order one dessert and share it. Save on calories, sugar intake, fat, and your pocketbook!

Sugar replacements

Raw honey can be a replacement for sugar in most recipes and as it is much sweeter than sugar. Raw honey is easier on the body and does not cause a huge insulin surge like refined sugar will.  In any recipe I always halve the amount of sugar. You can also replace sugar with applesauce or pureed prunes, pears, or apricots. Research suggests that raw honey has active phytonutrients such as enzymes – as well as its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties – which contribute to its vast array of health benefits. But even honey should also be used on a limited basis.  However, because honey can cause a dangerous disease known as botulism in infants and children under the age of one, never consume honey, raw or pasteurized. Honey is still a sugar, so use minimally.  Whenever we eat too many sweeteners the liver can become overwhelmed, and turn the excess to fat.

Check out jam 

You’d think buying a jar of jam labeled “organic” might be your best pick, but read the label. The jar I pulled from the shelf was loaded with sugar, even though the fruit was organic. I do prefer organic products, but don’t be fooled. Your best bet for buying jam is to look for an all fruit jam or spread or one labeled 100 % fruit. Those products contain only fruit, possibly fruit juice and no added sugar, fructose, or high fructose syrup. The label will indicate sugar, but it is natural sugar from the fruit. Strawberry and peach are my favorites.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, many foods claim to be healthy, but as you know, this can be misleading.  Always read the label, eat real wholesome food. Look for products with “no added sugar”.

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