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This is a list of products I use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  This makes a quick “go to” list  and takes the guesswork out of shopping.  These products are not sold through The Nourishing Place but on Amazon from various vendors.

Health Books

I am constantly recommending health books for clients, friends, and family.  So I decided to start making a list of those which I feel can really be helpful.  Each book has a different message.  Maybe you just identified you have a gluten allergy, or your memory is failing or just found out you have diabetes.   Read More  >

Favorite Cookbooks

There’s  something special in each of these cookbooks.  Every recipe can be adapted to meet your needs. Some really tasty, mouthwatering recipes that make each and everyone one of them a gem. Some of these cookbooks are for GAPS clients, but most are for those following a grain free, gluten free, dairy free,  paleo style   Read More  >

Kitchen Gadgets-Cookware

I’m a foodie and I love kitchen gadgets, I admit it! This is my ongoing list of my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets, the ones I use over and over again.  There is a bit of everything from bigger items to more simple.  Whether you are stocking your own kitchen or looking for gift ideas, there   Read More  >

Health Products

People are constantly asking me what products I recommend.  So I have started creating a list of various health products.  The products listed are not sold by The Nourishing Place; they are sold on Amazon by various retailers.