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“Carol has helped me pull together many missing pieces of my health and nutrition puzzle.  She is kind, compassionate, intelligent, diligent and fun to work with.  I think my partnership with Carol has added many years to my life.”  

– Laura T., Colorado Springs, CO

“When I first started working with Carol my adrenal fatigue was so bad that I could hardly make it in to my appointments. After following her recommendations to the best of my ability, my energy is now returning and slowly getting stronger over time. Carol’s expertise, attention to the details of my case, patience, availability, sense of humor and compassionate empathy make her a joy to work with.”

– Janet G., Manitou, CO

“Ms. Bennett has been my nutrition authority for a number of years.  Her extensive experience and knowledgeable guidance about diet and wellness has had a significant positive impact on how I evaluate my approach to health. Her advice and recommendations are the product of sound research as well as thorough and comprehensive scientific reasoning. Putting her advice to practice has brought about a better understanding of my needs and caused a change of habits, that improved my well-being and will continue to do so  for the years ahead.”

– Roland B., Colorado Springs, CO                                                                                                                                    

“Carol is doing a great job of listening and sorting out the different health issues I am dealing with.    My diet was fairly clean, but I was still facing some challenges that Carol was able to bring into focus.  She is very willing to work with how your body is responding and change things as needed.  She comes along side you on your health journey and offers a wealth of knowledge and personal experience in nutrition and natural healing.  I am very thankful for her help and expertise.”

– Christine K.,  Sheridan WY 

“I would give Carol Bennett a 10 on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being high!  She has been helping me grow nutritionally for many years. Carol has a wealth of knowledge about body chemistry and knows how to help me eat and supplement my diet based on my unique needs.  Old habits die hard and when I regress or fall short, she is there with a new approach to help me reach my goal.  Her approach is always “what will work for me” vs one blanket approach for all clients.  I appreciate Carol’s passionate love for nutrition and learning.”

– Carla D., Bozeman, MT

“I have been working with Carol  for more then 7 years and I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with my health.  I even consult with her about things my medical doctor suggest, I trust her that much.  She listens to you and helps you accomplish your goals based on your strengths and weaknesses.  One of the most important things I have learned is how food plays a huge roll in our health and if you change the way you eat you change your Life!”

– Sharon S., Colorado Springs, CO

“I was consistently suffering from headaches and my own nutritional challenges. I had recently found out that I had a dairy allergy and candida overgrowth.  I also enlisted her assistance with my children who were having some serious problems of their own. One was having trouble growing due to a lack of processing nutrients. The other child wouldn’t have a bowel movement for days. It was such a challenge with such different symptoms and she assisted me in determining action plans for each of them. Her nutritional counseling coupled with classes on fermenting, making bone broth, and GAPS knowledge were extremely insightful and comprehensive.  We took on the GAPS diet with her guidance and it was life changing. She laid the foundation for me as I began my quest to make a better lifestyle for my family.  Thanks to Carol I have two kids who are now flourishing. They have learned the importance of a well balanced diet free from processed foods and sugars. Carol’s experience and knowledge helped me save my children from following a common path for all to many in our society today. I am so grateful to her for helping me learn the proper way to eat “clean” and still nourish our bodies. Her guidance and support were instrumental to my success.  Carol is an amazing resource with tons of knowledge and experience. Her knowledge combined with her compassion make her an excellent nutritional counselor. I highly recommend her services!

– Corina M., Colorado Springs, CO